Something Simple: Rachel & Quinn 

Rachel bit her lip nervously as she finished making the final preparations for her surprise, hopeful that everything would work out as she wanted it to.  When Brittany had suggested this idea she had thought it was a good one, but now she was beginning to doubt herself. Quinn had given her two perfect dates already, and Rachel knew there was no way she could even come close to what Quinn had done.  But she wanted to give her girlfriend the best date possible, especially with all the stress of starting the new term.  Quinn had been so busy that she and Quinn had hardly seen each other in the past few days.  Rachel missed their time together, a lot.

Satisfied that she was as prepared as possible, she began making her way to the library where she and Quinn had agreed to meet.  All the restrictions that were in place in the castle this term made planning a good date even harder, and Rachel knew that they wouldn’t have the freedom they’d have previously.  It was going to take a lot more planning and creativity for the two of them to be able to spend time together.  She reached the library and nervously smoothed her hair, trying to make herself as presentable as possible.  This was Quinn, her girlfriend, so why was she this nervous?  She bit her lip and shifted nervously, waiting for Quinn to come find her.

something simple    
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    Quinn grabbed the rest of her clothes, giving her belongings to Rachel with a smile as she looked around the kitchens,...
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    Rachel smiled up at Quinn as the other girl smoothed hair out of her face, grinning more widely when she heard Quinn’s...